New publication: “The New Era of Virtual Reality Locomotion: A Systematic Literature Review of Techniques and a Proposed Typology”

Over the last few months, in the Centre for Service Innovation project, we have been focusing on VR locomotion as part of the MSc project of Jarl Erik Cedergren (University of Oslo).

To that end, I have conducted a systematic literature review leading to a proposed typology of VR locomotion techniques that I hope it will be a useful tool for researchers and practitioners in the field. The review investigates empirical studies of VR locomotion techniques from 2014–2017. Thirty-six articles were identified as relevant to the literature review, and the analysis of the articles resulted in 73 instances of 11 VR locomotion techniques, such as real-walking, walking-in-place, point and teleport, joystick-based locomotion, and more.

A significant contribution of the literature review lies in the proposed typology for VR locomotion, introducing four distinct VR locomotion types: motion-based, room scale-based, controller-based and teleportation-based locomotion.

The publication is published under an Open-Access licence in the Multimodal Technologies and Interaction journal, so it can be openly accessed here:

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