Presentation of the projection mapping Gaia System v1.0 at Sortland Museum

On June 8th, the Gaia System v1 (first prototype) of the Gaia Vesterålen project (led by Museum Nord-Lofotr Næringsdrift) was presented at the Sortland Museum. SINTEF Digital is the technical manager and a research partner in the project. The Gaia System uses projection mapping technology (or spatial Augmented Reality, if you will) to visualize various types of historical and live data for the Vesterålen district.

In this first prototype, we covered datasets from four themes: Climate, Settlement, Infrastructure, Waste Disposal, and created a quite large and innovative installation, with the valuable contribution of our partner, Deadline Media. The Gaia System v1 was demonstrated to the public, left positive impressions, and will be exhibited and open to the public throughout and after the summer period. Its qualities both as a data visualisation platform and a narrative device were highlighted and praised.

For more information on the project, please visit: and

You can read more on the Gaia System in the following open-access publication:

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