Meta Spaceglasses One: first thoughts

spaceglassesA few days ago, the Meta Spaceglasses One finally arrived! We, at the GUC GameLab, have been waiting for them for over a year. So…I’ve used it for a while and I must admit that overall I was not impressed.

Naturally, the “wow effect” kicks in during the first 10-15 minutes of use. The “AR” component – according to my experience – was mostly used  for creating a real-world background while the user was interacting with menus, surfing the web etc. So the information displayed did not actually augment the real-world view and the same interaction could easily have taken place at a desktop, tablet, smartphone. It would be nice if users had the opportunity to experience what AR can offer, that other technologies can’t. But it’s still very early and that’s only the first generation…

As a developer, I am satisfied that we didn’t go with the Spaceglasses (we had to, after all the shipping delays) and we chose a tablet for our developed AR cognitive training game. A contest about app ideas for the Spaceglasses is running and Meta will help the development of the top-15 apps. We are at the top-15 with an idea about an AR Robot Fighter Game. We’ll see how it goes…


Demo video of the Spaceglasses use:

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