Apple acquires Metaio

junaio-appleApple has acquired the Augmented Reality startup Metaio and Junaio (Metaio’s cross-platform AR browser) goes with it… I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing for all of us who have invested time developing for Junaio, coding in AREL (Augmented Reality Experience Language) and using Metaio SDK, but to me it’s probably a bad thing since the Junaio channels will not be available after 15th December 2015… and I have developed the beta version of my PhD’s cognitive training game (namely Smartkuber) using that platform 🙁 On a happier note, I still have plenty of time to run the final experiment using what’s left of Junaio.



I wanted to be 100% sure about the Junaio channels’ deadlines, so I asked and that is the detailed response I got from the Metaio Support Team:

Dear Costas,

Thank you very much for writing us. Creating Junaio channels is possible until December 15. Publishing channels in Junaio is possible until June 30 2015. After this date, the new channels will be accessible by scanning a QR code first (non-public use). All public channels submitted until June 30 will remain public until December 15 (should the developer wish so); non-public channels will also remain available. Editing channels will still be possible via the “My channels” section on the developer portal, until Dec 15.

We hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Your Support Team


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